Administrative Assistant

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  • Yeled V Yalda
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Job Description

Administrative Assistant

Make the smart career move at Yeled V'Yalda- the Premier Social Services Agency serving the community for over 40 years. 


Amazing Mid level opportunity!

- $55,000-$70,000 Salary, 

- Generous Paid Time Off,

- Ladies Office,

- Closed on Chol Hamoed,

- Competitive benefits,

- Frum Office environment,

-26-35 hours weekly

MUST have proficiency in Excel and APP sheets.

Requires education background preferably as a teacher. 

Responsibilities involve:

Working with  coaching and mentoring logs, ensuringthey are edited properly before submission. Assisting supervisors in their work with their schools.

Send resume to
Message (347) 946 4506 call 718 686 2326

Experience Required

1-2 years